Aden Tallon


Excessive Digital Art

Holding a hoarders amount of AV equipment together with Velcro and gaff tape. Streaming production coordinator by day and weirder personal streamer by night.

Daily Vlogs?

Excessive amounts of wires, cameras, and monitors have brought my digital art experience to your eyeballs.

Then you throw in even more microphones, EQs compressorslimiters and FX and my bombastic voice fills your ears.


They add ten pounds they say.


Subtract ten pounds the camera puts on.


I keep throwing media like things out into the void of the internet. We’ll see what sticks.

I live near the great city of St. Louis. I have a background in computer networking and audio video productions. 

In a past life I was a thespian, musician, and vocalist. More recently I’ve been hired for public speaking engagements for charities.